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Jitta Alert is now open for everyone. After being used for a while now by Jitta beta users, today, Jitta Alert is ready for everyone to try.


Jitta Alert is now open for everyone. After being used for a while now by Jitta beta users, today, Jitta Alert is ready for everyone to try.

Once you Follow a stock, you can go to set up notifications so that Jitta can send you Alerts about that stock (things like if the percentage of the price exceeding or falling below the Jitta Line)

Jitta will send you email alerts and notifications every time the stock price rises and falls through the Alert that we set up, in addition to +-5% and +-10% of the specified Alert, so that you have more time to see and make decisions in your investment.

For example, if we set up a Jitta Alert for AAPL at 0% below the Jitta Line, Jitta Alert will send you and email and notification when the “stock price rises and falls past 10% above Jitta Line, 5% above Jitta Line, and 0% below Jitta Line, 5% below Jitta Line, 10% below Jitta Line”.

By setting it up this way, the Alert can tell us when the stock price rises and falls, so that we can make an informed decision on whether or not to buy/sell the stock according to the price trend and present condition.

For example, if Jitta Alert pings us at 10% above the Jitta Line, as the stock price has risen, we may get ready to sell it, whereas if it pings us at 10% above the Jitta Line as well, but the price trend is decreasing, we may get ready to buy the stock when it reaches 0% below the Jitta Line, or lower.

By notifying in 5% intervals allows us to gradually examine the situation before making our decision, because what happens with a one-time alert is that some people see it and decide to take action, but because they are busy at the point, they tend to forget about it all together.

In addition to this, once we set up the Jitta Alert for our stocks, those stocks will automatically have the Jitta Tag: Alert, which allows us to search for them just by typing the word, “Alert”, in order for us to easily modify our settings for that Alert.

Another question that many have asked is,

How come we are unable to set a stock price alert on the Jitta Alert?

The thing is, people in the stock market like to focus on the stock price when making investing decisions, but as I always say, stock price alone should not be the determining factor of the decisions we make, therefore, it is not as relevant to include this feature into Jitta Alert.

Let’s now take this further on the Q&A Forum beta users had.

How come we cannot set the stock price to the value we want on Jitta Alert?

Answer: We have considered this actually, but the fact is, stock price changes withe the Jitta Line. For example, if it is 10% above the Jitta Line today, it is $75; in 3 months, it might be $90… moving with the higher Jitta Line, therefore, showing the price on the Jitta Alert makes it more complicated, because people will think that the alert is just for the price, even though in reality, what people should be concerned with is the the price COMPARED to the company’s value.

Furthermore, with good companies, if the Jitta Line rises every year, and we only look at the price that is increasing higher and higher, we may never get the chance to buy it, despite the company being really great; and the alert may never have to ping again because of the rising price.

However, if we set it at 5% above the Jitta Line, even if the price rises every year, it may be possible that in the future, there are incidents that cause the price to fall to within the 5% above the Jitta Line. In this case, the alert will definitely ping to alert you that the investment you’ve wanted is now within an attractive price range.

Having said all this, remember that in making our investment decisions, what we look for is the expensiveness/cheapness of the stock compared to the value of the company. Jitta, built from the core concepts of investment, strictly follows these fundamental investment principles and strive to use minimal data to help aid decision-making in the right way.

I believe that the user-friendliness of the Jitta Alert will help investors to the next level, because we no longer have to bother with the stock price. We focus on finding quality investments, while waiting for the right moment to buy, according to our own settings in the Jitta Alert, and only then do we go in and study it in more details.

Imagine in the future, if Jitta has stocks from all the main markets in the world, all we have to do is key in our settings for the Alerts for every stock that has a Jitta Score of 7 or higher, in countries that are 0% below the Jitta Line… all we have to do is live happily and wait for the Alerts to tell is when there are attractive investment opportunities.

With this, we will be able to easily own great businesses around the world.

Author: Jitta

Jitta simplifies financial analysis for value investors and financial advisors alike. Our stock-analysis platform offers actionable advice to help them make better investment decisions and generate higher returns based on a simple principle: “Buy a wonderful company at a fair price.” And we do that by creating Jitta Ranking, our proprietary algorithm that ranks stocks based on their profit potential. Returns generated by Jitta Ranking since 2009 has outpaced that produced by the S&P500 index by a large margin. Jitta’s technology processes information like a human mind, assessing complicated data and digesting it into an easy-to-use and intuitive format. Its key features include Jitta Score, an indicator of a wonderful company; Jitta Line, an indicator of a company's fair price; financial statements-made-simple Jitta FactSheet; Jitta Playlist, an intelligent screener and backtest system in one; and Jitta Portfolio, a smarter investment-tracking mechanism.

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