How does Jitta make money?

Jitta’s mission is to help global investors create better returns through simple methods. That’s why we let you access the whole of Jitta site free of charge. Just go to click SIGN UP and choose how you want to log in. You can use your Facebook, Google or email account. Follow the instructions and you can start using Jitta right away.

But for those too busy for individual stock analysis, Jitta has launched a service that would make your life a 100 times simpler. Jitta Wealth is a portfolio management service founded by Jitta. You can avoid the complexities of stock investing and still generate index-beating returns by entrusting us your capital, and we’ll take care of the rest—forever. We’ll buy the top 30 stocks on Jitta Ranking to ensure optimal diversification and rebalance your portfolio for you every year. Your money will grow without constantly requiring your attention.

Click here to learn more about our innovative Jitta Wealth service.


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