What is the story behide Jitta?

Jitta was built from real-world investment experiences. We know how complicated and frustrating the market can be. We realize technology can help us create the simplest and most successful platform for building long-term wealth. All our functions were developed under the same mindset of real-world investors like ourselves to ensure that investing is not a complicated or difficult task. Jitta’s simple approach is enough to build your wealth if you truly understand how to apply it.

Our main mission is to help investors create better returns through simple methods. We emphasize simplicity. Many users use Jitta to quickly screen stocks first, and then study them in detail again later.

Our vision is to become one of the world’s standards for value investment. We envision that one day, the many figures on Jitta, such as Jitta Score, Jitta Line, and others, will become standard references to which investors can apply in their own investment methods. We believe that it is a beautiful thing to create something of value for our predecessors, for those who come after us. Jitta serves as a solid foundation for which our children can build upon and use to shape their own futures.


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