How much does Jitta cost?

All new and existing Jitta accounts automatically starts as Jitta Basic for FREE. Jitta Basic will cover Jitta Fundamental which includes the most important Jitta features, e.g. Jitta Score, Jitta Line, Jitta Factor, Jitta Signs, Jitta Loss Chance, Jitta Key Stat and Jitta Financial statement, as well as key features such as Jitta Portfolio, Follow and Weekly Update.

If you want to gain more access to our advanced features to save your time and to invest smarter and more efficiency, Jitta Pro is available in monthly and yearly plans subscription. You can choose to be billed $30 USD monthly or billed $300 USD annually per country. You can also use your Jitta Credit to upgrade to Jitta Pro.

Find out more detail of Jitta’s Subscription Plans.


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