Why can’t I subscribe to Jitta Pro?

After rolling out Jitta Pro subscription service to advanced investors two years ago, we’ve made a tough decision to close it down, starting August 1, 2017, to get ready for the launch of the new-and-improved Jitta.com this September.

In effect, no new subscription is offered from August 1 onwards, either via Jitta Credit or a credit card. Any existing Jitta Credits in your account have been removed along with your credit card information (if you have any) for security purposes. Jitta Credit is no longer issued for friend invitations as well. 

Don’t worry though. You can still use our main features, like Jitta Score, Jitta Line and Jitta Ranking, for free, as usual.

If you’re a current Jitta Pro subscriber, your existing subscription(s) is still active until its expiration date (click here to see your plan’s expiration date). Jitta FactSheet and Jitta Playlist are still accessible. But once your subscription is over, your Jitta Pro will turn to Jitta Basic.

All the Playlists you’ve created will still be visible to you as a Jitta Basic member, just not alterable. Jitta FactSheet, however, won’t be available for a short period. In its absence, sites like Yahoo Finance and Google Finance are more than happy to assist with company financials.

It’s a tough decision, but one that is crucial for the launch of the upgraded Jitta.com. The new version is coming to you this September, complete with flexible functionalities like multi-country, multi-currency portfolio as well as a modular, fully customizable stock page.

Best of all, it’ll be accessible to more people, keeping us true to our mission: to help investors create better returns through simple investment methods.



Author: Jitta

Jitta simplifies financial analysis for value investors and financial advisors alike. Our stock-analysis platform offers actionable advice to help them make better investment decisions and generate higher returns based on a simple principle: “Buy a wonderful company at a fair price.” And we do that by creating Jitta Ranking, our proprietary algorithm that ranks stocks based on their profit potential. Returns generated by Jitta Ranking since 2009 has outpaced that produced by the S&P500 index by a large margin. Jitta’s technology processes information like a human mind, assessing complicated data and digesting it into an easy-to-use and intuitive format. Its key features include Jitta Score, an indicator of a wonderful company; Jitta Line, an indicator of a company's fair price; financial statements-made-simple Jitta FactSheet; Jitta Playlist, an intelligent screener and backtest system in one; and Jitta Portfolio, a smarter investment-tracking mechanism.