Tutorial: Stock Search

To get on the path of successful investment, you have to buy a wonderful company at a fair price. The most simple method is to use Search Bar feature to search for individual stock by company name, stock symbol, type of industry, or investment strategy. A tutorial of using search bar is as follows:

1. In HOME page, you would find black tab named ‘ Search on Jitta’ at the top of the page.

2. Once you type a keyword– company name or stock symbol, a list of stock will show below the black bar.

3. Click on your favorite stock.

4. To cancel a search, you have to click on X to reset and be able to use other features.

5. Furthermore, you can search individual stock by using its industry type or sector e.g. Financial, Services, Technology, Healthcare, Energy, Basic materials, Capital goods, Consumer cyclical, Consumer/non-cyclical, Transportation, Utilities, Conglomerates, etc.

6. Also, you can search name of ‘Featured Playlists’ which are set of screening criteria Jitta has prepared for everyone based on popular investment strategies, including:

  • Dividend = Stocks likely to give you more dividends as time passes.
  • Cash cow = Stocks with consistently increasing cash flows from operating activities.
  • Share buy-back = Stocks that buy back common shares, leaving you with a larger share of the profits.
  • Cigar butt = Decent stocks that are highly undervalued.
  • Turnaround = Mediocre stocks with positive signs of improvements within the past three quarters.
  • Growth = Undervalued stocks whose net profits have been surging for the past three years.

Screenshot 2017-08-07 at 1.30.08 PM.png

7. As a result, you would discover a list of worthy stocks which is ranking by Jitta Ranking. Additionally, you can edit and adjust the criteria for the best investment strategy to suit you.


Author: Jitta

Jitta simplifies financial analysis for value investors and financial advisors alike. Our stock-analysis platform offers actionable advice to help them make better investment decisions and generate higher returns based on a simple principle: “Buy a wonderful company at a fair price.” And we do that by creating Jitta Ranking, our proprietary algorithm that ranks stocks based on their profit potential. Returns generated by Jitta Ranking since 2009 has outpaced that produced by the S&P500 index by a large margin. Jitta’s technology processes information like a human mind, assessing complicated data and digesting it into an easy-to-use and intuitive format. Its key features include Jitta Score, an indicator of a wonderful company; Jitta Line, an indicator of a company's fair price; financial statements-made-simple Jitta FactSheet; Jitta Playlist, an intelligent screener and backtest system in one; and Jitta Portfolio, a smarter investment-tracking mechanism.

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